How To Remove Sun TAN in 1 Day, Home Remedies for Fair Skin, DIY Tomato Sugar Scrub For Fairer Skin

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homemade diy face scrub

Like me, I am sure most of you have your favorite diy face scrub home remedies. One of my favorite is tomato scrub! I love it!

Today I thought to share my diy tomato sugar scrub recipe with you. Maybe it will be helpful for anyone of you 🙂

Tomatoes are not only food a person can eat, but also it can help refresh your face

Tomatoes contain a source of Lycopene . Lycopene is that bright red carotenoid pigment found in tomatoes.

It acts like a sunscreen, protecting the tomatoes against UV rays.

Lycopene is high in antioxidants with a small molecule structure that can easily be absorbed in the skin.

diy face scrub

It goo to use natural facial scrubs to remove the dead outer layers of your skin.

Combining the exfoliating benefits of sugar and the antioxidant rich tomato is the ideal DIY facial scrub to do at home.

Exfoliate face with natural scrubs once a week to make your skin soft, smoother, brighter and younger.

And here is natural exfoliating face scrub recipe.


One ripe organic tomato
Sharp cutting knife
A tablespoon of fine granulated sugar

We are going to use the top, because the steam can be used as a gripper. So slice off the top.

Daily routine using tomato facial scrub makes the top layer of dirty cells peel off to promote your youth.

So guys lets get started. 

Cut a slice of a tomato at the top where the stem is. 

Use the stem to hold the tomato slice to scrub your face. (Well here the tomatoes which I brought were  without stem :P, couldn’t‘ help)


diy face scrub

diy face scrub

Sprinkle about some of granulated sugar on a plate and dip the tomato slice into it.

Get your tomato top and dip it in the sugar, twist it around in the sugar to get even coating.

diy face scrub

diy face scrub

Start on the forehead and gently scrub in a small circular motion.

Move down to around the outer eye area (avoiding eyelids and under the eye area) and move over the face, nose, mouth, chin and neck.

Facial brush may be used to go over the face as an extra benefit. Concentrate on any troubled spots that need extra exfoliation.

Leave the scrub on your face/neck for about 10 minutes and rinse off with warm water and towel dry.

Repeat, once in a week.

Your skin will say Thank You!

You have treated your face to a cheap and natural facial treatment that carries the same benefits of a store bought scrub.

Try it as you will not regret… and will save a lot of money 😉

What I am gonna do with rest of the tomatoes. 

Well, I will a fresh tomato juice which will make my skin glow inside out 🙂

diy face scrub

diy face scrub

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