Easy To Make DIY Diya: Unique Diwali Decoration Ideas

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Deepawali or Diwali is certainly the biggest and the brightest of all Hindu festivals.

The celebration continues for five days and recognizes a time of year when in Hindu mythology, good overcame evil.

It’s the festival of lights (deep = light and avali = a row i.e., a row of lights) that’s marked by Five days of celebrations.

It’s also the time for activities that we do as a family. 

Diwali is celebrated by cooking traditional foods and desserts, meeting with family and friends, and decorating the house with color and lights.

The tradition of decorating with light doesn’t only serve to illuminate houses, but also represents an invitation to the Hindu goddess of good fortune to bring happiness and health into the home.

Families will light small, handmade earthen oil lamps called diyas.

Decorative Oil Lamps are used for many auspicious occasions and are of religious significance.

I absolutely love Diwali lights, they create a magical ambiance and make your Diwali fabulous and grand.

Making diyas is a popular family activity, and everyone can decorate their own!

I love handmade and homemade decor items.

So I decided to do a DIY Diwali Decor special for all you awesome people.

While the market is flooded with Diwali lights of all shapes and sizes, there is something special about creating your own Diwali fairy lights.

Here I am going to show you, how to assemble and decorate simple earthen diyas (Oil Lamp) at home with ease.

Traditionally they are made with clay.

I have decorated and painted the hand made Diya in a traditional way.

I hope you will love these simple Unique Diwali Decoration Ideas.

If you are creating or have a mind blowing DIY Diwali Decoration Ideas, don’t forget to share it with me and I will show it off to the rest of the world.

Lets get started:

Material You Need:

One big Earthen Pot

Small earthen diyas ( How many? depends on the size of your earthen pot)

Glue (To stick small diyas on earthen pot. I am using Fevikwik)

Acrylic Colors (I am using Fevicryl colors)

Paint brushes

Acryclic Outliner (I am using Fevicryl 3D Outliner)

Flowers ( I am using marigold as it has importance in Diwali decoration)


Take the earthen lamps commonly bought during Diwali and get creative with paints and glitter.

Decorate them the way you like and light up the house with them.

You can also create your own Diya with customized design of your choice. 🙂


DIY Diya Diwali Decoration Ideas

DIY Diya Diwali Decoration Ideas

DIY Diya Diwali Decoration Ideas

First with the help of paint brushes, paint all small lamps with one common colors. 

Remember not to color the inside area of these lamps.

Keep them aside to dry.

DIY Diya Diwali Decoration Ideas

Once they are dry, start painting the inside area with different color:

I used yellow (outside) and orange (inside) combination.

Again give it some time to dry fully.

DIY Diya Diwali Decoration Ideas

Now take the big earthen pot and paint it neatly with one color inside out. 

Be careful while paining and try not to put your finger prints on it.

Keep it aside to dry.

DIY Diya Diwali Decoration Ideas

With the help of out-liner, decorate the small diyas just like below.

I just love their cuteness 🙂

DIY Diya Diwali Decoration Ideas

Once the big earthen pot is completely dry, use the same outliner to make some design on it.

I put this design to make them look more traditional. 

DIY Diya Diwali Decoration Ideas

When the big earthen pot and all small diyas are completely dry, take your glue and stick small diyas on the pot like below.

DIY Diya Diwali Decoration Ideas

Its already looking stunning 🙂

DIY Diya Diwali Decoration Ideas

I brought some fresh marigold from the market. Now pour some water in the pot and let the flowers float on it.

You can add a half table spoon of salt in the water to keep the flowers fresh little longer period of time.

Salt helps the flowers to get some minerals.

DIY Diya Diwali Decoration IdeasDIY Diya Diwali Decoration Ideas

How is it looking guys?

absolutely adore this handmade diya/ light.

DIY Diya Diwali Decoration Ideas

DIY Diya Diwali Decoration Ideas

If you have any ideas like this  do share with me.


DIY Diya Diwali Decoration Ideas handmade home decor



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