How to Make a Yarn Pom Pom in Two Minutes Easily

Posted on Oct 27 2015 - 7:06pm by admin

When I was a kid I always wanted to learn how to make a yarn pom pom.

And later I was so surprised to know how easy it is to make a pom pom.

Pom poms are a great way to add color and texture, and refresh older items in your home.

Super easy way to make adorable, fluffy mini yarn pom poms for any kind of crafting project using just yarn

Pom Poms require a little bit of patience, but its quite satisfying when you finally get to cut them and produce your pom pom. You can make them whatever size you like, but I would suggest starting with a small pom pom so it doesn’t take forever.

If you want to make a pom-pom without the fuss of tools, use nothing but your own two hands and follow these steps.

So guys lets get started. Have fun!!

Material You Need:



how to make a pom poms rug

Take one end of your yarn and start wrapping it around your figures.

The length of your pom pom depends on how many figures you use.

I have used three figures to make a medium size pom pom.

how to make a yarn pom pom9

Do not forget to keep some distance in your figures while wrapping yarn around them.

By doing this, later you will be able to remove the pom pom from your hands easily.

how to make a yarn pom pom9

If you also wish to make a medium size pom pom then keep on wrapping for 55-60 times.

how to make a yarn pom pom9

Later gently take out the pom pom roll and place it on the table like below.

Take one 10-15 inches yarn string. Place it below the roll.

how to make a yarn pom pom9

Wrap the string around the center of your yarn loop to divide it into two sections. Tie a knot so the yarn stays together.

For safer side make 3-4 knots.

Make sure to leave a long enough tail so you can tie it to any other object.

Do you see those loops on each side? Cut it into fringe and turn it into a pom pom!

how to make a yarn pom pom9

It will look something like this.

Leave the long strings, don’t snip them. You’ll need them later.

how to make a yarn pom pom9

Now with your scissors snip through the loops around the whole pom pom.

how to make a yarn pom pom9

You may also need to trim it to give a proper shape.

how to make a yarn pom pom9

Don’t you think these colorful, soft pom poms look so adorable.

how to make a yarn pom pom9

Hope you enjoyed this tutorials.


how to make a yarn pom pom diy handmade

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